Phase 2 of

Matchathon 2020






 hacka thon

This platform will provide an opportunity for innovative solutions and the support you need to address any of the pressing pandemic related challenges. Identify the problem statement/s that you would like to work on and come together with your team to solve it. You have 72 hours!


Who can participate?

* Students

* Entrepreneurs

* Startups

* Professionals

You can be from any field. All you need is an idea that can be implemented.


When does it take place?

6-8 August, 2020

Thursday, Friday, Saturday



business continuity

Reach out to us for Tech Mentors for any other assistance you need.

Where does it take place?

From the comfort of your homes!

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Here are the themes you can choose from.


health & wellbeing




digital finance


remote working

& education


social &




  • Identifying domains created to monetise or take advantage of the pandemic
  • Identifying fake web pages themed around covid-19
  • Detecting malicious content in software updates that have been planted by attackers
  • Companies hit by ransomware attacks
  • Privacy concerns in contact tracing apps
  • Safety of employees who have to report to work
  • Contingency plans for critical roles
  • Flexible work arrangements to help employees with added responsibilities at home
  • Inventory tracking and management when employees aren't supposed to go to work
  • Collating information from the supply chain where key players may be inaccessible or there may be a broken link in the chain due to the pandemic
  • Cost-effective thermal screening devices
  • Rapid testing kits
  • Portable oxygenators
  • Home-based ventilators to monitor Covid
  • Large area sanitisation and sterilization
  • Electrostatic spray and UV treatment for sterilizing different surfaces
  • No contact deliveries of medicines and other essentials
  • Healthcare facilities and monitoring in rural areas
  • Testing and reporting appropriate statistics from rural areas
  • Preparing healthcare workers in rural areas
  • Artificial intelligence backed tools and conversational platforms to deal with surge in call volumes
  • Organizing digital payments and support services for the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Mass education programs
  • Security features for meeting apps like Zoom
  • Information security during remote working
  • Responding to cyber incidents / Managing incidents when the entire workforce is remote
  • Access to devices to attend online classes or programs
  • Contactless entry
  • AI based scanning
  • Using movement tracking devices or apps to track the movement of people in quarantine/lockdown areas
  • Geofencing- monitoring those areas and people under compulsory quarantine
  • Detecting fake news and rumors on social media and different networking platforms
  • Ensuring that medical waste including used masks and gloves get discarded appropriately
  • Training and safety equipment for waste collectors dealing with discarded gloves, masks, etc
  • Mass education program for fighting the pandemic
  • Zooming in on fake online shops selling covid related items
  • Ensuring that people with disabilities can access caregivers as well as essential commodities during the pandemic

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